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Black Cat Growers started out as a kitchen garden in 2009 at my home in Holiday. In case you are wondering where the name Black Cat Growers came from, I have a soft spot for, and rescue black kitties and they like to hide and play in the garden. Having had 40+ years in natural, chemical free, very productive vegetable gardening, I began looking for outlets to share my extra produce. In 2013 Black Cat Growers joined the ‘eat local, support local, know your farmer’ movement in New Port Richey. Now, 5 years later, the kitchen garden has grown to include 1/4 acre in New Port Richey. There are plans to enlarge this to 1/2 acre next year. The bulk of the produce produced is now located there and my kitchen garden is the experimental area.

I grow many traditional vegetables: beans, tomatoes, peppers, winter and summer squashes, beets, carrots, greens including a variety of lettuces, chards, arugula, collards, kales, cabages, etc. Some of my more exotic offerings include some crops that are from tropical locations, especially squashes. Due to Florida’s weather, some veggies will not do well. By going to warm weather locations and getting seeds there, I can offer hardier, easier to grow, produce.

Due to the recent freezing weather we encountered, the squashes, tomatoes and peppers were lost and I am starting over with them. It will be a while before we have some of those items to offer. Be patient, great things are coming!

I also can locally sourced fruit into jams and jellies. Black Cat Growers is the original jam maker for the Florida Loquat Festival and I keep a good supply of assorted jams and jellies on hand.

Thank you for looking and please come to the market to visit.

IN A NUTSHELL, this is what I offer.
Naturally grown, chemical free fruits and vegetables, fresh and dried; dried veggie soup blends, organic jams and jellies; vegetable plants, butterfly and bee pollinator plants and ornamental landscape/potted plants; worm compost.

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