Organic Presence


Certified nursery with State of Florida. Member of Grand Gardens, New Port Richey, FL. Also grow at home in Spring Hill, FL. Attend Tasty Tuesdays organic Market every Tuesday 10-12m at New Port Richey Library. Grow vegetables and herbs from non-GMO seeds with no chemicals or pesticides. All herbs available in both fresh and dried forms. Grow both cherry and larger tomatoes, leafy greens such as Little Gem lettuce, arugula, Pac choy. Herbs in 3 inch pots, and decorative herb collections for use in kitchens and patios. Herbs currently available, Geneovese Basil, purple basil, rosemary, Dill, Cilantro, Greek Oregano, Cuban Oregano, Italian Parsley.

If you need a specific herb or vegetable not listed email me at

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