Habitat for Humanity Community Garden

Website: wphabitat.com

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Habitat for Humanity is a non for profit organization reaching out in so many ways to our community. We have the restore that has many treasures to find, our incredible construction crew building homes and repairs and right out behind the restore building, is the amazing Habitat Community Garden. Through many hours and days in the dirt our gardeners and volunteers are the heartbeat to our pesticide free organic produce.

Habitat Community Garden is proud to be a founding participant in the New Port Richey FarmNet, a network of urban farms, community gardens, residential gardens, locally-sourced markets and food distribution systems, and dedicated volunteers and financial supporters. Like other participants in FarmNet, Habitat Community Garden is committed to urban agrarianism, including development of sustainable local food production and distribution systems, support of locally owned and operated businesses, resilient economic systems, community education on the principles and practices of urban agrarianism and cultural resiliency, and the development of authentic communities.

Life is a Garden…Plant It, Grow It, Dig It, Harvest and Enjoy Life….

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